My name is Iazzetta Manfredo and was born in Vienna in 1962 to an Italian family. Because I was a very active child, my parents enrolled me early on in a football club. At the age of 15 I got my first racing bike and it has become a life-changer for me. The bike has been a part of my life to this day. I successfully competed in junior races and  soon won the first trophy that made me proud and encouraged me to train even more. At the age of 18, I joined the GS Romito Club in Florence. It was only in Italy that I realized how beautiful but also how tough cycling was. I lived alone in Florence and my life was full of hardship. My diet was strictly controlled by coaches as well as my daily routine. We trained for hours every day and took part in numerous races. I sold my soul and body so to speak to keep up at all. In Austria I took part in races with maximum 50 racers. In Italy I was suddenly one of many - usually more than 200 , but sometimes as many as 300 drivers who all wanted to win. I was racing against drivers like junior world champion Roberto Ciampi, Olympic champion Marco Giovanetti, Stefano Colage or Moreno Argentin, road professional world champion 1986.

  1978: Training camp as a junior driver on the island of Mallorca and the first cup I won when I was 16 years old

Florence 1980: Preparing for a race.                                                                                                                                Giro di Campania 1980  (center)                

Maremma 2009: Start at the Gran Fondo race in Cinigiano                                      2002: MTB Tour in South Tirol

October 2020: Tour near Montalcino

Winter  training in Tuscany with Stefano Colage,  He was five times in the Italian professional team at world championships. He competed 8 times in the Giro d Italia and 4 times in the Tour de France. And won Tirreno-Adriatico in 1995. I rode with him a few years ago in the Granfondo team Galluzzi.