Revolve is a new concept of high-performance cycling shoe, 100% manufactured at the Vittoria factory in Biella, Italy. The shoe has a special elegance and sportiness thanks to materials such as Matte Silk Microfibre and the Square Microfibre insert, complemented by an internal high-density nylon mesh to make the shoe suitable for optimal performance. The REVOLVE was created in collaboration with orthopedists. 

A specific anatomical shape was developed on which the upper material is mounted. The shoe's combination of materials and structure guarantees a sensational fit as the REVOLVE wraps the foot like never before. Breathability is ensured by laser-made micro-perforations. The tightening is carried out with the Wraparound Closure System (SFS) using the double Li2 wheel made of anodized aluminum with BOA® Fit System technology, equipped with greater adhesion for a more durable hold in all weather conditions. 

Micrometric closure and multi-directional release adjust tension quickly and effortlessly when needed. The power is transmitted to the pedals thanks to the FCT Carbon sole: a new technology that allows high rigidity and lightness, as well as a distance from the pedal of only 3.5 mm. 

Revolve is rounded off with the new thermoformable anatomical insole that adapts to the shape of the arch of the foot and guarantees an optimal fit.


Forged Carbon Technology (FCT) is an aerospace-derived technology that uses fractured carbon fibers. The term “forged” is due to the special production process in which very high temperatures and pressures – over 100 bar – create a composite material that is up to 2/3 less dense than titanium, but significantly more resistant. This process allows soles to be produced with reduced thickness and weight without compromising rigidity.




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