I still remember exactly when I drove my first pass road. I was very young. 17 years and I was still racing as a junior. And from today's point of view, it was already a remarkable achievement at this age to drive to a pass over 2500 meters high. Back then I just thought it was cool when the older racing drivers took me to the Grossglockner. I remember the descent more when we raced down at a hundred kilometers per hour. With tires glued to the rim. I think it was the most dangerous time on the racing bike back then. Young, inexperienced with such descents and fearless. From today's perspective, I am proud that I climbed the highest pass road in Austria at the age of 17.

Many years later, at the ripe old age of 45, I began to drive the highest pass roads in Italy and Switzerland. And a mythical mountain in France. The Mont Ventoux in France. Known from the Tour de France. Today I remember - next to the Grossglockner - best of all this trip and the one to the Stelvio.
The Mont Ventoux with almost 2,000 m is not a top high mountain. However, it is not easy to get to the top. But no less difficult for that. Standing hot air, that's what I remember well. It was a real challange. Mountains over 2,000 meters are not to be underestimated. One needs experience and a good physical condition in the thin mountain air. Some amateur cyclists can easily underestimate it. I remember the Mont Ventoux. On the driveway I saw an ambulance and next to it a bicycle on the ground. And doctors who reanimated a cyclist lying on the ground. It was an uncomfortable experience.
The Stelvio is no less famous because of the Giro d´Italia and is difficult in its own way. Over 50 serpentines and over 20 kilometers uphill. Above all it becomes difficult when the air gets thin. But this can also be achieved with even pedaling.
I have some experience of climbing high mountains by bike. Even now I'm still fit enough for it. That's why I offer cyclists, individually or in groups, trips to the top.

I offer cycling tours to the highest mountains in Europe - to the peaks where Giro d´Italia and Tour de France racers climb on their bicycles every year. Come with me to the mystique mountains like Mont Ventoux (1 909 m), Col du Galibier (2 642 m), Alpe d´Huez (1 860 m) or Stelvio (2 757 m) and many more.
Pass rides are safe, but it is important to have a good basic level of fitness and some experience with the racing bike.
I offer this experience individually for individuals or small groups.
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PASSO DI GAVIA - Altitude: 2.621m